Apparel-China Market Research Group

Case Study:


Leading American Apparel Producer


Stage 1 Consumer Insights
Stage 2 Market Analysis and Routes to market



Our client, one of the world's leading apparel producers with multiple brands, engaged CMR to evaluate demand for their products and brands. CMR helped our client determine which brand portfolio to bring into China, identified which consumer group to target, and developed a retail channel sales and regional growth strategy. CMR adopted the following methodology to help our client meet its goals.


Stage 1 Consumer Insights

In Stage 1 of this project, CMR conducted in depth face to face interviews with 250 consumers in three different regions in China to evaluate consumer characteristics such as shopping habits, product preferences and sophistication, unmet demands, and price acceptance. CMR used these insights to identify and rank the most profitable consumer groups for our client to target, what brands this segment would most likely purchase, and develop strategies for how to target them based on their specific characteristics.


Stage 2 Market Analysis and Routes to Market

In Stage 2 of the project, we conducted Consumer interviews and mystery shopping in different retail outlets throughout China. Our research findings allowed us to identify priority target regions for our client, and the specific retail outlets they should utilize in each region based on local consumer characteristics and shopping habits.


CMR used these insights to provide our client with the insight and actionable strategic items to enter and thrive in the China market.