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Case Study:

     Food & Beverage

Top Fast Food Brand


Stage 1 Consumer Insights

Stage 2 Market Analysis

Stage 3 Strategy Formation



Our client is the largest fast food chain in China and one of the largest fast food brands in the world. They have been operating in the country for more than two decades. They asked CMR to help them understand how consumer habits and perceptions of their brand, food offerings, and overall dining experience are changing, as well as what consumers think of established and emerging competitors.



Stage 1 Consumer Insights

For Stage 1 of the project, our analysts conducted over 270 one-on-one interviews 20 minutes to an hour in length with consumers in 6 cities across China.


Stage 2 Market Analysis

From the insights we gained, we formed a detailed, complete, and up-to-the-minute picture of what consumers across 4 age segments think and expect of our client, as well as the factors that drive their decisions to visit the client's and competitors' restaurants and order specific products.


Stage 3 Strategy Formation

In Stage 3 of the project, we developed actionable strategic recommendations for our client based on our findings, focusing on increasing customer visit frequency, loyalty, and per-visit order size.