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10-12-2018 In China, a Dot-Com Déjà-Vu, Wall Street Journal
09-26-2018 Just showing up is no longer enough for global brands to win in China, CNN
09-24-2018 Hot pot IPO heats up the competition, MarketPlace for NPR
09-18-2018 World Economic Forum Takes On China Tech Regulation, Wall Street Journal
09-18-2018 China says it will immediately retaliate when Trump tariffs take effect, Washington Post
09-09-2018 Chinese billionaire Jack Ma steps down at Alibaba, announces ..., Washington Post
09-04-2018 How Richard Liu built JD.com into a $45 billion tech giant, CNN
08-20-2018 Apple Pulls Illegal Apps Targeted by Chinese State Media, Wall Street Journal
08-16-2018 JD.com Is in Trouble But Tencent Will Rebound, China Market ..., Bloomberg TV
08-06-2018 Billionaire Paulson Attracts Chinese Suitor for Steinway, Bloomberg
08-04-2018 Google shouldn't bother with search in China, experts say — here's why, CNBC
08-03-2018 Heineken just made a big bet on China's beer market, CNN
08-02-2018 Delivered hot: Starbucks bets on Alibaba tie-up to revive China sales, Reuters
08-02-2018 Google's Road Back to China Littered With Obstacles, Wall Street Journal
07-30-2018 https://www.wsj.com/articles/starbucks-ties-up-with-alibabas-ele-me-to-deliver-coffee-in-china-1532954887, Wall Street Journal
07-27-2018 Too Much Money Hurts China's Startups, US News and World Report
07-10-2018 China Bans Ads on Booming Video App, Wall Street Journal
07-08-2018 How Alibaba, Tencent and JD build their brands, Financial Times
07-03-2018 Hong Kong's craft beer sector grows, but real prize may be few miles ..., Reuters
06-25-2018 China Trade War Potential Casualties Include U.S. Casinos In Asia, Forbes
05-29-2018 Costco's Taiwan Comment Leads to Economy-Sized Headache in China, Wall Street Journal
05-24-2018 China's box office recently beat the US, and is now on the cusp of a ..., CNBC
05-20-2018 Multinationals bow to China's political sensitivities, Financial Times
05-02-2018 What you should know about the US-China trade talks, MarketPlace
04-11-2018 Chinese investor group buying control of Australia's Nature's Care, Reuters
02-07-2018 China's Outlook Seems Darkest From a Distance, Bloomberg
01-08-2018 China's Internet Giants Face Users' Anxiety Over Privacy, Wall Street Journal
01-02-2018 Book review: The War for China’s Wallet – readable if one-sided view of China’s business climate, South China Morning Post
12-21-2017 Dalian Wanda pivots back to its core with ambitious mall plan, Financial Times
12-20-2017 Asahi to Sell Its Stake in China's Tsingtao for $941 Million, Bloomberg
12-20-2017 How companies can win against China’s ‘carrots and sticks’, Financial Times
12-18-2017 How China is putting the global economy in its wallet, MarketPlace for NPR
12-17-2017 JD.com joins China automated shopping push, Financial Times
12-13-2017 Shaun Rein on the 'War for China's Wallet', The Diplomat
12-05-2017 Those Who Heed China’s Political Ambitions Will Benefit, Bloomberg Radio
11-28-2017 How To Profit From China's Rising Nationalism, Forbes
11-24-2017 Chinese nationals overtake Brits to become Harrods’ biggest spenders, Financial Times
11-21-2017 Asia's Consumers Snubbing Global Brands for These Products, Bloomberg
11-10-2017 China news site to pay $1bn for lip-syncing music video app, Financial Times
11-08-2017 Kindle, schmindle: Chinese e-books stock pops 100% after IPO, CNN
10-23-2017 Tesla in China , MarketPlace for NPR
10-16-2017 Wanda Golf Courses in China Resort Shut Down by Authorities, Bloomberg
10-11-2017 Chinese tech groups display closer ties with Communist party, Financial Times
10-10-2017 JD.com launches luxury site targeting China’s mid-tier cities, Financial Times
09-26-2017 China Clamps Down on Ironman, WhatsApp and Tibet, Wall Street Journal
09-22-2017 Welcome to Special Rich Guest Hamburger, the China edition of Fatburger, LA Times
09-19-2017 The World’s Best Caviar Doesn’t Come From Russia Anymore, Bloomberg
09-12-2017 Toutiao cuts ties with Weibo over content ownership spat, Financial Times
09-07-2017 China Is Obsessed With Livestreaming and the Censors Are Racing to Keep Up, Bloomberg
08-28-2017 China’s ‘single dogs’ also have their day, AFP
08-24-2017 Airbnb loses China chief after just four months, Financial Times
08-09-2017 McDonald’s boldly supersizes its China strategy, Reuters
08-08-2017 McDonald’s to double number of China restaurants, Financial Times
08-07-2017 Beating China's Fake-Food Scourge, Bloomberg
08-03-2017 China is acting blatantly protectionist in an industry that's hugely important to the US, CNBC
07-25-2017 JD.com severs ties with Tiantian in logistics spat, Financial Times
07-18-2017 Smartest Chinese Consumers Being Somewhat Cautious, Bloomberg Radio
06-22-2017 Alibaba Taps User Data to Drive Growth Spurt, Financial Times
06-20-2017 a Business & Finance Add to myFT Multinationals losing battle for Chinese consumers, Financial Times
06-19-2017 Alibaba’s Jack Ma Heads to Detroit to Impress Entrepreneurs—and Trump, Wall Street Journal
06-16-2017 As Shanghai's Magic Kingdom turns one, Disney pushes further into China, Reuters
06-11-2017 Netizens say one of the Chinese cities just upgraded to 'first-tier' doesn't deserve the label, CNBC
06-09-2017 Red Bull owner locks horns over drink’s future in China, Financial Times
06-01-2017 China's new cybersecurity law takes effect today, and many are confused, CNBC
05-31-2017 Japan's Budget Furniture King Discounted His Way to a Fortune, Bloomberg
05-25-2017 Chinese bet on young lovers in $600m condom deal, Financial Times
05-25-2017 China is Building Some of the World's Biggest Packaged Food Companies, Bloomberg
05-24-2017 When "Made in China" Means Sustainable, Ethical, and Expert, Fast Company
05-24-2017 Foxconn tries to move up the value chain, CNBC TV
05-21-2017 Beijing's New Weapon in Economic War: Chinese Tourists, AFP
04-27-2017 This Restaurant Chain Wants to Bring Chinese Hotpot to the World, Bloomberg
04-24-2017 The second-largest economy in the world just got a downgrade, MarketPlace for NPR
04-23-2017 Man vs. Machine: Google Takes on China’s Go Champion, but Fans Are Blocked From Watching, Wall Street Journal
04-14-2017 Jackie Chan's empire gets even bigger with new 3-D cartoon, CNBC
04-13-2017 How China's Kweichow Moutai Is Intoxicating Liquor Market, Forbes
04-11-2017 Starbucks Extends China Health Coverage to Workers' Parents, Bloomberg
04-10-2017 The world's most valuable liquor company is now Chinese, CNN
04-06-2017 Yum China Soars After Pizza Hut Turnaround Fuels Earnings, Bloomberg
04-05-2017 The Tao Of The Deal: Trump And Xi At Mar-a-Lago, 1A by WAMU for NPR
04-04-2017 China, Cherry Coke, and the Oracle of Omaha, AP
04-03-2017 Less noodles, beer and movies? Clouds on Chinese consumption horizon, Reuters
04-02-2017 Didi faces tough battle to retake China’s urban streets, Financial Times
03-15-2017 China's Name-and-Shame TV Show Puts Household Brands on Edge, Bloomberg
03-10-2017 Mattel reworks China strategy amid elusive growth, Reuters
02-27-2017 'Made in China' isn't so cheap anymore, and that could spell headache for Beijing, CNBC
02-21-2017 Alibaba’s Ant Financial Will Invest $200 Million in This Korean Payment Firm, Fortune
02-20-2017 Alibaba Makes Another Big Push Into Brick-and-Mortar Retail, Fortune
02-16-2017 Baidu snaps up smart home start-up in AI push, Financial Times
02-14-2017 After stumbling in 2016, China's movie industry is back in business, CNBC
02-03-2017 Why is Asia demanding so much baby formula?, BBC
01-26-2017 Asahi Looks at China Beer Exit After Tsingtao Disappointment, Bloomberg
01-09-2017 McDonald’s Sells Control of China Business to Citic, Carlyle, Bloomberg
01-09-2017 McDonald's sells most of China, HK business to CITIC, Carlyle for $2.1 billion, Reuters
01-05-2017 Chinese ride-hailing app Didi drives into Brazil, Financial Times
01-02-2017 New year, new financial obstacles, MarketPlace for NPR
12-22-2016 Alibaba Faces Growing Pressure Over Counterfeit Goods, New York Times
12-19-2016 China: Seized underwater drone 'tip of iceberg' when it comes to US surveillance, CNN
12-19-2016 China's seizure of US drone shows that Beijing will not be bullied by Donald Trump, IBIT Times/ Newsweek
12-10-2016 Chinese foreign media deals hit by curbs on capital outflows, Financial Times
12-05-2016 China’s capital controls ‘can harm currency, global ambitions’, South China Morning Post
11-29-2016 Chinese bid for Chicago exchange hits roadblock as Beijing tightens capital controls, South China Morning Post
11-25-2016 Why Trump might not be so bad for China and Asia, CNN
11-25-2016 China’s Ctrip to buy Skyscanner for £1.4bn, Financial Times
11-15-2016 China's Tech Unicorns Look Increasingly Cursed, Bloomberg
11-14-2016 Sad polar bear ‘Pizza’ reflects sorry state of China malls sector, Financial Times
11-14-2016 Chinese copper firm buys owner of Hollywood's Voltage, maker of 'The Hurt Locker', Reuters
11-11-2016 China’s Tech Giants Are Cloning the Apple Store, Bloomberg
11-10-2016 China's version of Black Friday — the world's biggest shopping day, LA Times
11-03-2016 China’s fast-growing delivery companies aren’t global players … yet, CNBC
11-01-2016 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-10-31/yum-s-spinoff-offers-roadmap-for-western-brands-in-china-market, Bloomberg
10-28-2016 Amazon brings Prime to China. Should Alibaba be worried?, CNN
10-27-2016 Privatization boom drives Chinese health-care IPOs, Nikkei Asian Review
10-24-2016 As Anbang’s hotel takeover gets blocked, expect more government interventions as Chinese firms continue to snap up US assets, South China Morning Post
10-22-2016 Chinese liquor lovers are not taking to tequila , Financial Times
10-20-2016 New Look seeks fashion edge in China with local designs, Reuters
10-17-2016 Is Dalian Wanda's Hollywood deal too good to turn down?, CNBC TV
10-12-2016 Samsung Cuts Profit by $2.3 Billion After Killing Note 7, Bloomberg
10-06-2016 KFC's Owner Is Blaming South China Sea Protests for Lower Sales, Fortune
10-04-2016 McDonald’s China Franchise Deal Could Fetch Up to $2 Billion Up Front, Wall Street Journal
10-04-2016 Disney still to find its magic in Shanghai, as early visitor numbers fall short of expectations, South China Morning Post
09-21-2016 Samsung in Note 7 row in China after reports of devices catching fire, BBC
09-20-2016 Seven things to know about China’s overseas anti-corruption campaign, Globe and Mail
09-19-2016 Source: Getty Images This Chinese Plan to Rule Fashion World Isn’t Teenie Weenie, Bloomberg
09-13-2016 Starbucks Wants To Crack Asia's Tea Market With Upscale Teavana Brand, Forbes
09-09-2016 China Is Coping With Pollution by Buying Fancy Honey, Bloomberg
09-09-2016 Why McDonald's & KFC Are Turning To Local Investors To Survive In China, Forbes
09-07-2016 FEATURE China’s Gold Rush in the Hills of Appalachia, Foreign Policy
09-06-2016 China's online chatter muted ahead of Apple iPhone 7 launch, Reuters
09-05-2016 PSA Seeks to Revive China Fortunes With SUV Factory in Chengdu, Bloomberg
08-26-2016 How New England shaped China’s craft brew master, Boston Globe
08-24-2016 Hong Kong No Longer Top Market for Luxury Watches, Wall Street Journal
06-21-2016 Wal-Mart rips up China online strategy, starts again with stake in Alibaba rival, Reuters
06-17-2016 Why Haier, Midea Shares Could Clean Up, Barrons
06-10-2016 Multinationals under pressure over Asia taboos, Financial Times
06-01-2016 Can Foxconn Become a Global Name Brand?, Knowledge Wharton
05-29-2016 Mickey Mouse Helps China Buck Economic Doom and Gloom, Bloomberg
05-18-2016 Chinese white goods makers eye global brands for market share and premium cache, Reuters
05-15-2016 China killed thousands of Maine jobs. Now it’s eating up the state’s lobsters., Washington Post
05-06-2016 Will Alibaba Earnings Reflect New China Concerns?, Bloomberg TV
01-26-2016 McDonald's wins with all-day breakfast, China back on track, Reuters
01-16-2016 Shanghai Disneyland opens with hopes cash will rain down, Associated Press
01-15-2016 China Embraces Craft Beers, and Brewing Giants Take Notice , New York Times
01-14-2016 Starbucks Expands in China, CBS News
12-27-2015 ‘Star Wars’ takes Chinese social media by storm ahead of release, Reuters
12-21-2015 Fearing pollution, Chinese families build 'bubbles' at home, Reuters
12-14-2015 Chinese celebrity author apologises for endorsing Fanya, Financial Times
12-14-2015 Alibaba pays $266m for South China Morning Post, Financial Times
11-22-2015 Why rich Chinese are buying vineyards, islands in cash, CNBC
11-12-2015 First Word Asia: China Government Spending, Bloomberg Radio
11-07-2015 Why Alibaba Agreed to Buy Video Service Youku, Bloomberg West
11-04-2015 As China's Economy Slows Consumers Pick Up Some of the Slack, Wall Street Journal
10-27-2015 Alibaba's Shares Rise as Revenue Beats Expectations, Financial Times
10-20-2015 Yum Brands to spin off its Chinese operations, Financial Times
10-20-2015 China Isn't the Easy Market It Once Was for Fast-Food Chains, Wall Street Journal
10-20-2015 The changing tastes of China's consumer class, MarketPlace for NPR
10-16-2015 Nestle, Burberry show how era of easy growth in China is over, Bloomberg
10-14-2015 Swatch Launches Payment Watch in China to Keep Sales, Wall Street Journal
09-21-2015 Warner Bros joins wave of Hollywood tie-ups in China, Reuters
09-18-2015 Beer mega deal would likely miss out on prize China asset, Reuters
09-17-2015 China VCs Are Going Crazy for Girl Groups, Bloomberg
08-31-2015 Sweet Obsession: China's manuka madness, BBC
08-26-2015 China slowdown belies consumer market health, Financial Times
08-12-2015 Why China is devaluing the yuan: a market expert explains – video, Guardian
08-11-2015 Alibaba to invest $4.6 billion in China electronics retailer Suning, Reuters
08-02-2015 Uniqlo aims for China gains with new Disney deal, MarketWatch
07-29-2015 BASIS, one of America’s top charter school networks, seeks new turf: China, Washington Post
07-27-2015 Venture Capital in China, Bloomberg West TV
07-24-2015 Danone swaps Dumex China unit for deeper ties with domestic dairy giant, Reuters
07-22-2015 Meet China's 1%: The billionaires in Beijing's halls of power, CNN
07-21-2015 Forget bling, art and travel are China's new status symbols, CNN
07-14-2015 Chinese celebrity author apologises for endorsing Fanya, Financial Times
07-13-2015 Chinese Smartphone Maker Xiaomi Places Its Next Big Bet, Knowledge Wharton
07-10-2015 Young investors hard hit by stock volatility - Shaun Rein, MarketPlace for NPR
07-10-2015 How China might have given itself a black eye, CNBC
07-09-2015 Does China's Market Selloff Pose Systemic Risk to U.S.?, Bloomberg West TV
07-08-2015 China's relief rally: view from Shanghai, BNN
07-08-2015 http://www.nbcnews.com/business/markets/anguished-chinese-investors-see-savings-falling-abyss-n388616, CNBC
06-08-2015 Can “Made in China” become a luxury label?, BBC
05-24-2015 Alibaba's latest gambit in fighting fakes: foster local brands, Reuters
05-22-2015 How a 'creativity revolution' is changing China's cheap-clothing reputation, Globe and Mail
05-18-2015 Shaun Rein on the Business View with Nina Dos Santos, CNN TV
05-17-2015 Yum Brands China operations pique interest of analysts, Financial Times
05-08-2015 Jack Ma reshuffles Alibaba management to renew the company, Financial Times
05-07-2015 Alibaba faces sceptical crowd ahead of results, Financial Times
04-10-2015 Yum's upmarket China diner seeks recipe for revival, Reuters
04-09-2015 Will China Prefer Blondes? Cartoon Marilyn Monroe Set to Debut, Wall Street Journal
03-19-2015 Starbucks partners drinks maker Tingyi to expand in China, Reuters
03-19-2015 Bacardi Launches Tea-Distilled Liquor in China, Wall Street Journal
03-19-2015 Yahoo to shutter China office and cut "around 350" jobs, BBC
03-18-2015 Yahoo Is Said to Cut 300 Jobs as Part of China Office Close, Bloomberg
03-18-2015 Not Even Chinese State TV Can Make People Buy Local Cars, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
03-13-2015 Hong Kong retailers forecast to post slowest growth in four years, Reuters
03-10-2015 Apple Watch Targets Chinese Aspirations in $16 Billion Market, Bloomberg
03-06-2015 Amazon opens a store on rival Alibaba’s Tmall site, CNBC
03-04-2015 Apple’s high-stakes negotiations with the Chinese government could complicate Obama’s tough talk on snooping, QZ
02-25-2015 Health-conscious Chinese challenge Western food firms, Reuters
02-10-2015 http://www.cnbc.com/id/102411072, CNBC
02-01-2015 China Venture Investing Driven by Mobile Soared, Wall Street Journal
01-29-2015 Apple's success in China can teach US firms a lot, CNBC
01-26-2015 Alipay Leads a Digital Finance Revolution in China, MIT Technology Review
01-21-2015 Toy story: What toy sales tell us about China's future, CNN
01-15-2015 Xiaomi Puts a Windfall to Work Beyond Phones, Bloomberg
01-08-2015 In China, Shirtmaker TAL Uses Data Analysis for Efficiency Boost, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
01-07-2015 Xiaomi’s Buying Spree Gives Apple, Samsung New Reasons to Sweat, Bloomberg
01-05-2015 Chinese Tourists’ Favorites, Wall Street Journal TV
12-30-2014 Most Internet Users Will Soon Be Smartphone-Only, Time
12-26-2014 How the e-retailers keep us spending, BBC
12-21-2014 In China, a Rapid Jump To Mobile Advertising, New York Times
12-18-2014 Chinese shopping 'agents' cash in on Russian currency slide, Reuters
12-16-2014 Chinese Female Online Shoppers: Not Your Stereotypical Selfless Housewives, Forbes
12-14-2014 In China, Local Dining Chains Bite Into West , Wall Street Journal
12-10-2014 Is Prada going out of style?, CNBC
12-10-2014 Is Prada going out of style?, CNBC
12-08-2014 Alibaba Must Deploy Cash to Challenge Android: Real M&A, Bloomberg
12-02-2014 Walmart to cut 250 jobs in China, Financial Times
11-29-2014 SCMP Review of End of Copycat China, South China Morning Post
11-26-2014 Can Barbie conquer China?, BBC
11-24-2014 Chinese Rate Cut May Spur Global Liquidity: Shaun Rein, CNBC 18
11-23-2014 China Consumer Taste Guru Says Macau Menu Falls Short, Forbes
11-12-2014 These brands hit the jackpot on Singles' Day, CNBC
11-11-2014 Alibaba's Singles' Day sales exceed predictions at $9.3bn, BBC
11-11-2014 Alibaba: $1B in Singles' Day sales in 17 minutes, CNBC
11-04-2014 Wal-Mart’s Price to Oversee Asia, This Time From Arkansas, Bloomberg
11-04-2014 Xiaomi Said to Seek Funding at Valuation of About $50 Billion, Bloomberg
11-03-2014 Rising energy, transport and labour costs squeeze profits of Chinese companies, Financial Times
10-27-2014 China to consider regulating smartphone applications: report, SCMP
10-26-2014 End of Copycat China, Open Mind with Alexander Heffner on PBS
10-26-2014 Shaun Rein on the Open Mind with Alexander Heffner, PBS
10-22-2014 McDonald’s China Challenge: Rising Competition, Wall Street Journal
10-13-2014 Universal to Open Beijing Theme Park, Wall Street Journal
10-13-2014 Universal Studios to launch first China theme park in Beijing, Reuters
10-10-2014 China’s Economy Is Weaker Than Most Realize: Rein, Bloomberg TV
10-06-2014 The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a Dud, CNN
09-30-2014 Apple to Start Selling New IPhones in China Next Month, Bloomberg
09-30-2014 Chinoiserie struggles to compete with Swiss luxury, Financial Times
09-21-2014 Glaxo’s China Fine Signals No Immunity for Multinationals, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
09-21-2014 China Clamps Down on Web, Pinching Companies Like Google, New York Times
09-19-2014 Alibaba IPO: the end of copycat China, BNN
09-18-2014 Alibaba's 'Conservative' Pricing Strategy, Wall Street Journal TV
09-16-2014 Hermès takes the long view of its position in China, Financial Times
09-16-2014 Hermès takes the long view of its position in China, Financial Times
09-15-2014 Sinopec to sell $17.5 bln retail stake in privatisation push, Reuters
09-04-2014 China Jobseekers Sour on Careers as Civil Servants, Wall Street Journal TV
09-04-2014 Gnome Maker’s Slump Shows China Export Threat, Bloomberg
09-03-2014 Some Western Firms Battle to Keep Chinese Executives, Wall Street Journal
09-01-2014 LinkedIn censors its members in China...globally, Marketplace for NPR
09-01-2014 China's Li Ning stumbles from gold medal position to no man's land, Reuters
09-01-2014 China's Li Ning stumbles from gold medal position to no man's land, Reuters
09-01-2014 China Troubles for OSI Reflect Broader Perils for Business, Wall Street Journal
08-28-2014 Wal-Mart Looks Online for Chinese Growth, Wall Street Journal
08-27-2014 Moving on from milk scandal, Fonterra ties up with China's Beingmate, Reuters
08-27-2014 China's baijiu king navigates rocky shoals of China's anti-luxury drive, Reuters
08-26-2014 Maotai in China, Reuters TV
08-22-2014 The crazy flavor experiments in Chinese fast food, CNN
08-22-2014 Fast Food Faces Indigestion in China, Financial Times
08-21-2014 Why China’s crackdown on U.S. companies helps consumers, Fortune
08-19-2014 Lead contamination scare hits Heinz infant food in China, Reuters
08-15-2014 An accounting scandal hits Alibaba just as it’s planning a massive U.S. IPO., Wall Street Journal TV
08-14-2014 This is what China's antitrust drive is really about, CNBC
08-14-2014 Apple, Samsung Face Rising Challenges in China Market, Bloomberg
08-12-2014 Jardine Matheson’s Dairy Farm in $925m China hypermarket deal, Financial Times
08-11-2014 McDonald's, Yum release supplier data after China food safety scare, Reuters
08-10-2014 Suit Against Alibaba Opens Window on Issue of Counterfeiting, Wall Street Journal
08-06-2014 Will generic Viagra transform China?, CNBC
08-04-2014 Should Chinese Students Be Required to ‘Love the Party’? The Government Reconsiders, Wall Street Journal
07-30-2014 http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-07-29/microsoft-latest-company-finding-china-climate-arduous.html, Bloomberg
07-28-2014 China brands beat global rivals with tea toothpaste & pickled plums, Reuters
07-23-2014 U.S. fast food brands receive mixed feelings in China, Washington Post
07-22-2014 Worries Over Meat Supplier Spread to Japan, Wall Street Journal TV
07-21-2014 McDonald’s and KFC hit by China food safety scandal, Financial Times
07-21-2014 McDonald’s and KFC hit by China food safety scandal, Financial Times
07-16-2014 Why China's Love of Transformers Won't Easily Translate Into Toy Sales, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
07-14-2014 Apple Denies Chinese Media Claim of IPhone Security Risk, Bloomberg
06-19-2014 Long road to redemption for China's baby formula makers, Christian Science Monitor
06-11-2014 Chinese Dream: It's surprisingly familiar, CNN
06-10-2014 China Inflation Accelerates on Higher Food Prices, Bloomberg TV
06-06-2014 Can WeChat survive latest censorship clampdown?, CNBC
06-05-2014 Apple, Microsoft Targets of Chinese Media in U.S. Spat, Bloomberg
06-03-2014 China Blocks Google, Wall Street Journal
05-29-2014 Joe Biden is wrong. China does innovate, CNN
05-27-2014 China Strikes at U.S. Tech in IBM, Windows 8 Ban, Bloomberg TV
05-27-2014 China slowdown weighs on retailers, Financial Times
05-22-2014 China's Online Retailers Gain From Gender Gap, Wall Street Journal
05-22-2014 China’s Bright Food targets majority stake in Israel’s Tnuva, Financial Times
05-22-2014 China’s Bright Food targets majority stake in Israel’s Tnuva, Financial Times
05-15-2014 Xiaomi Breaks Into Table Market With `Mi Pad’, Bloomberg West TV
05-13-2014 Why Facebook Would Want a Sales Office in China, Bloomberg West TV
05-07-2014 What Investors Should Know About Alibaba’s IPO, Wall Street Journal TV
05-06-2014 How does China slowdown affect the global economy?, Fox Business TV
05-06-2014 China May Take Stimulus Steps if Slowdown Persists: CMR, CNBC 18
05-02-2014 Huawei Aims High, Despite Obstacles to Growth, Knowledge Wharton
04-25-2014 Wal-Mart Names China CEO to Head Asia as Regional Sales Slow , Bloomberg
04-24-2014 Burberry To Open Online Store on Alibaba's Tmall, Wall Street Journal
04-21-2014 McDonald's Tries a Local Touch With Chinese Store Decor, Adage
04-20-2014 China ‘erotic sector’ crackdown threatens global cognac industry, Financial Times
04-18-2014 McDonald's to Give China Restaurants a Makeover, Wall Street Journal
04-18-2014 Dwayne Wade's Sneaker Company, ESPN
04-16-2014 Is Weibo Really a Threat to Twitter?, Bloomberg West TV
04-16-2014 Is Marissa Mayer’s Turnaround Strategy Working?, Bloomberg West TV
04-13-2014 Wal-Mart Cries Foul on China Fines, Wall Street Journal
04-09-2014 Marks and Spencer shifts focus in key Chinese market, Financial Times
04-04-2014 Deal brings an end to colourful Fraser saga, Financial Times
03-25-2014 China's face mask industry under scrutiny as pollution worsens, Reuters
03-24-2014 China Shares Gain on Speculation That Chinese Probe Is Easing, Bloomberg
03-18-2014 Tencent and Alibaba battle for internet dominance in China, BBC
03-13-2014 China Marks Consumer Day With TV Gala That Led to Apple Apology, Bloomberg
03-13-2014 Will China Be Able to Achieve Target Growth Rate?, Bloomberg TV
03-06-2014 In China, FedEx and UPS Wait for Regulators to Renew Permits, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
03-05-2014 How Will China Achieve Its Growth Target for 2014?, Bloomberg TV
02-27-2014 PepsiCo re-enters 'Magic Kingdom' with Shanghai Disney deal, Reuters
02-21-2014 Kering's Costly Luxury Makeover, Wall Street Journal
02-21-2014 Wal-Mart's China syndrome a symptom of international woes, Reuters
02-19-2014 Diamonds and deals as Danone struggles for China bounce, Reuters
02-18-2014 China Said to Plan Tighter Direct-Sales Rules Amid Nu Skin, Bloomberg
02-18-2014 Uber faces tough competition in China, Marketplace for NPR
02-17-2014 American Food Sales Crumble in China, Wall Street Journal TV
02-14-2014 China's 'Losers' Have Become Mainstream Consumers , Wall Street Journal TV
02-13-2014 Why China’s Falling Out of Love With the Oreo, Wall Street Journal
01-23-2014 Nu Skin's Growth Could Stall Under Chinese Scandal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
01-21-2014 Gome shares rise on strong sales growth, Financial Times
01-20-2014 Keeping Up With China’s Changing Tastes, New York Times
01-20-2014 China GDP lowest since 1999, Marketplace for NPR
01-20-2014 China's new home sales in 2013 hit $1.1tn, BBC
01-20-2014 Can China's Government Sustain Growth Amid Reforms?, Bloomberg TV
01-17-2014 Nu Skin shares slump on pyramid scheme claims, CNN
01-17-2014 Apple’s Latest Foray Into China Gets a Weak Response, New York Times
01-17-2014 Why Luxury Hotels May Be Closing in China, Wall Street Journal TV
01-16-2014 Austerity drive crimps gift giving by China’s rich, Financial Times
01-09-2014 Exporters Leave China but Find Rising Costs Elsewhere, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
01-08-2014 L'Oréal pulls back from China market, Financial Times
01-08-2014 French Cosmetics Firm's Mass-Market Brand Fails to Gain Traction in Key Emerging Market, Wall Street Journal
01-02-2014 Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China after fox meat scandal, Reuters
01-02-2014 Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China after fox meat scandal, Reuters
12-29-2013 Walmart resets in China with Sam’s Club drive, Financial Times
12-24-2013 Apple Reaches a Deal to Sell iPhones in China, Bloomberg West TV
12-23-2013 China Mobile to Sell iPhones on Jan. 17, Bloomberg TV
12-23-2013 Alibaba rival JD.com to top sales target as Chinese shoppers flock to Internet, Reuters
12-23-2013 Apple Hurdles in Top Market Endure After China Mobile, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
12-23-2013 Apple's Chinese Christmas Gift, Marketplace for NPR
12-19-2013 Wal-Mart to Expand Sam's Clubs in China, Wall Street Journal
12-13-2013 In China, Western Companies Cut Jobs as Growth Ebbs, Wall Street Journal TV
12-13-2013 Smog Darkens Shanghai's Prospects for Becoming a Global Financial Center, Wall Street Journal
12-09-2013 Alibaba invests $361 million in appliance maker's 'big goods' logistics, Reuters
12-02-2013 Hong Kong's illegal cancer drug trade driven by mainland buyers, AFP
11-27-2013 Burberry Appeals China Ban on Its Trademark Pattern, Wall Street Journal
11-22-2013 Communist top tipple heads down market, Financial Times
11-21-2013 China’s Bright Food ponders Weetabix IPO, Financial Times
11-19-2013 Scrapping Its One-Child Policy Won't Solve China's Worker Shortage, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
11-18-2013 How Alibaba's Leadership Built an E-Commerce Giant, Bloomberg West TV
11-14-2013 Developers Lure Rich Chinese With Sports Facilities , Wall Street Journal TV
11-11-2013 China Communist Party Maps Out Economic Plan, Bloomberg TV
11-11-2013 China Communist Party Maps Out Economic Plan, Bloomberg TV
11-10-2013 China Singles Day could dwarf America's Cyber Monday, CNBC
11-08-2013 Coca-Cola says to invest over $4 billion in China in 2015-2017, Reuters
11-07-2013 Chinese Back to Buying Japanese Cars as Territorial Tensions Ease, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
11-07-2013 China opens up stock markets to U.S. investors, Marketplace for NPR
10-29-2013 Why Chinese aren't big on Big Macs, Reuters TV
10-27-2013 China Seen Losing Sheen for IBM to Nike as Hurdles Mount: Retail, Bloomberg
10-27-2013 Local tastes tempt China diners away from Golden Arches, Reuters
10-25-2013 Wal-Mart cozies up to China as it shelves India, CNBC
10-24-2013 Wal-Mart Plans to Open More Stores in China, Wall Street Journal
10-24-2013 Wal-Mart to Accelerate China Expansion With 110 New Stores, Bloomberg
10-22-2013 China: Foreign values, Financial Times
10-22-2013 Starbucks caught in China's crosshairs over posh prices, NBC
10-18-2013 Demand in China Is Still Strong: Rein: Video, Bloomberg TV
10-18-2013 Demand in China Is Still Strong: Rein: Video, Bloomberg TV
10-15-2013 Angela Ahrendts leaves Burberry for Apple, Christopher Bailey to take over, CNBC
10-14-2013 UK’s Osborne woos China with shared investment, CNBC
10-11-2013 China sex trade infiltrates international hotels, BBC
10-09-2013 Yum Concedes Missteps in China, Wall Street Journal
10-09-2013 Sausage ceasefire may not end war between China's noodle kings, Reuters
10-07-2013 China E-Commerce a Struggle for U.S. Retailers, Wall Street Journal TV
10-04-2013 Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Eyeing Acquisitions in China , Wall Street Journal
10-01-2013 Fears of China Slowdown Are Exaggerated: Rein, Bloomberg TV
09-26-2013 At H&M, 3,000 Stores and Counting, Wall Street Journal
09-26-2013 China to launch mysterious free trade zone in Shanghai, CNN Money
09-25-2013 Is There a Crack in the Chinese Firewall?, Bloomberg West TV
09-25-2013 Brands Target Lower-Tier Chinese Cities: Roy, Bloomberg TV
09-25-2013 Undeterred by recall, Fonterra seen pushing on with own-brand China plan, Reuters
09-24-2013 China to lift ban on Facebook, others in free trade zone: Report, CNBC
09-20-2013 Can the iPhone 5C Win Over Chinese Consumers?, Bloomberg West TV
09-18-2013 Prada's Earnings Hurt by Euro's Strength, Bloomberg TV
09-17-2013 In China, the Devil doesn't wear Prada, Reuters
09-16-2013 Dark side of the mooncakes: China's war of graft hits high-end pastries, Reuters
09-13-2013 Beijing's Next Anti-Graft Target? Mooncakes, AP
09-11-2013 Lower Prices Will Hurt Apple's Image in China: Rein, Bloomberg West TV
09-10-2013 Strong economic data from China, Marketplace for NPR
09-10-2013 So if Apple's not cool in China - what is?, Reuters TV
09-03-2013 China's Bright Food Group Seeks Overseas Deals, Wall Street Journal
09-02-2013 Kweichow Moutai shares drop as luxury crackdown continues, Reuters
09-01-2013 Ditch the stats: China retailers don't buy signs of recovery Read more: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/sns-rt-us-china-retail-20130901,0,1955794.story#ixzz2dgNVkmfZ, Reuters
08-30-2013 Scare or no scare, customers have little choice but Fonterra, Reuters
08-25-2013 Eyes online, milk powder firms count cost of China probes, Reuters
08-21-2013 IPad’s China Market Share Plunges as Domestic Tablet Makers Gain, Bloomberg
08-21-2013 Eat, drink, man, woman, meatballs, Financial Times
08-19-2013 China Halts Some N.Z. Imports in Second Case of Tainted Milk, Bloomberg
08-18-2013 China home prices continue to rise in July, BBC
08-16-2013 China’s wild swings spark confusion in markets, CNBC
08-13-2013 Yum feeling the heat in China as July sales tumble, Reuters
08-12-2013 Li Ning first-half revenues fall by a quarter, Financial Times
08-09-2013 Why is Apple Losing Market Share in China?, Bloomberg TV
08-09-2013 Apple Loses China Smartphone Market Share to Cheaper Models, Bloomberg
08-09-2013 Tesco in talks over China joint venture, Financial Times
08-08-2013 China's economy isn't slowing down yet, Marketplace for NPR
08-05-2013 Is China starting a new era of corporate crackdown?, CNBC
08-05-2013 Fonterra Tainted Items Add to Woes of Consumers in China, Bloomberg
07-25-2013 If China Rises, Will the US Fall, New York Times
07-25-2013 If China Rises, Will the US Fall, New York Times
07-24-2013 China’s bribery probe into pharmaceutical industry widens, Financial Times
07-24-2013 Chinese Luxury Shopping Tours Lose Their Shine?, Wall Street Journal TV
07-24-2013 GlaxoSmithKline's bribery scandal highlights China's corrupt health care system, MarketPlace for NPR
07-22-2013 GSK says senior executives appear to have broken Chinese law, Reuters
07-15-2013 GSK is test case in China’s rules laboratory, Financial Times
07-14-2013 Chinese shoppers seek Prada closer to home, Financial Times
07-10-2013 China set to expand car purchase curbs, Financial Times
07-07-2013 Fearing contamination, Chinese pay more for imported infant goods, Reuters
07-05-2013 What to Watch Out for in China, CNBC TV
07-05-2013 China opens investigation into drug prices, CNN
07-05-2013 China Milk-Powder Investigation Risks Going Sour, Wall Street Journal
07-04-2013 GSK linked to China pricing probe, Financial Times
07-03-2013 Glaxo, Danone Probed as China Raises Scrutiny of Foreign Firms, Bloomberg
07-02-2013 China Investigates Danone, Nestle on Milk-Powder Pricing, Bloomberg
07-02-2013 Nestlé ‘co-operating’ with China probe into baby milk prices, Financial Times
06-28-2013 China finds 'violations' in lending by state-owned banks, BBC
06-06-2013 Eating Safely in China, on a Budget, Wall Street Journal
06-06-2013 Going to Extremes for Food Safety in China, Wall Street Journal TV
06-03-2013 Work With the Chinese, Not Against Them - Room for Debate , New York Times
06-02-2013 Pork takeover shows China hunger for foreign feasts, AFP
05-30-2013 Why Mid-Tier Brands in China Will Be Hit, CNBC TV
05-30-2013 China's Shuanghui to buy US pork producer for $4.7bn, BBC
05-29-2013 Shuanghui agrees $4.7bn deal for Smithfield Foods, Financial Times
05-29-2013 'China's No. 1 Butcher' Turns to U.S., Wall Street Journal
05-28-2013 Cigna's unlikely partnership to change Chinese health care, Fortune
05-28-2013 More businesses cancel meetings in China over bird flu fears, MarketPlace for NPR
05-22-2013 China milk powder firms court foreign cachet for domestic gains, Reuters
05-22-2013 A Hit in China, Hot Pot Noodle Dance Extends Reach To L.A., Wall Street Journal
05-21-2013 China's Growing Sweet Tooth, Wall Street Journal TV
05-20-2013 Hershey Keen for Piece of China, Wall Street Journal
05-12-2013 Yum’s 29% Sales Collapse in China Goes Beyond Avian Flu: Retail, Bloomberg
05-10-2013 Swiss Watches Unworn as China Tackles Graft: Chart of the Day, Bloomberg
05-05-2013 Chinese find India a potential partner unlike Japan, Economic Times of India
05-02-2013 'Protectionism is a fact of life in China': Interview with Shaun Rein, Shanghaiist
05-02-2013 Analysis: Wall Street to Best Buy - Now, get out of China, Reuters
04-25-2013 Upscale China fast replacing cheap China, says author Shaun Rein, Global Sources
04-25-2013 Milk Smugglers Top Heroin Courier Arrests in Hong Kong, Bloomberg
04-24-2013 Apple to Double Retail Outlets in China as Growth Slows, Bloomberg
04-22-2013 What Urban Chinese Are Buying on Credit, Wall Street Journal TV
04-18-2013 Insight: China's 2020 consumer is in a town you've never heard of, Reuters
04-10-2013 Uniqlo picks Shanghai for biggest store, Financial Times
04-04-2013 Korean tensions and the end of cheap China, BBC World News Radio
04-02-2013 Was Apple apology in China a good move?, BBC
04-02-2013 Apple Apology to China Was Big Mistake: Rein, Bloomberg TV
04-02-2013 Apple’s CEO Cook Apologizes Amid IPhone Criticism in China, Bloomberg
04-02-2013 China's top liquor makers brace for slowdown as anti-luxury drive bites, Reuters
04-01-2013 Apple CEO's Apology to Customers in China, Bloomberg TV West
03-28-2013 Google Glass to be made in the USA, MarketPlace by American Public Radio on NPR
03-27-2013 China Criticism of Apple Yet to Sway Shoppers, Researcher Says, Bloomberg
03-26-2013 Li Ning hit by first loss since 2004, Financial Times
03-24-2013 'Made in China' Is No Longer Cheap, Wall Street Journal TV
03-23-2013 Hurting at home, China's Li Ning courts U.S. glitz, Reuters
03-18-2013 No Major China Reforms in 6-12 Months: Rein, Bloomberg TV West
03-18-2013 China new home prices rise in February, BBC
03-15-2013 Free food as China TV expose puts retailers on guard, Reuters
03-15-2013 China Broadcaster Shows Up Apple, VW, Wall Street Journal
03-11-2013 Western Firms Rethink Asia Approach, Wall Street Journal
03-11-2013 Can Asian economies fuel Asia's growth?, BBC
03-08-2013 Adidas Sportswear Is Hot on Nike's Heels in China, Wall Street Journal
03-08-2013 Hyundai, GM Dealer Apologize for China Lapse After Death, Bloomberg
03-08-2013 New Focus on Fashion Propels Adidas in China, Wall Street Journal TV
03-08-2013 An Unhappy Middle in the Middle Kingdom, Wall Street Journal
03-05-2013 China to get its own FDA, MarketPlace by American Public Radio on NPR
03-05-2013 Is China Unfairly Picking on Google?, Bloomberg TV West
03-03-2013 Bitter Starbucks lesson for Hong Kong, MarketWatch
02-26-2013 Yum Brands tightens Chinese supply chain , Financial Times
02-13-2013 China's 'Wall' Hits Business, Wall Street Journal
02-08-2013 Kindle-Less Amazon in China Doomed to 1% Market Share, Bloomberg
01-29-2013 Chinese brands tap Hollywood in quest to go global, BBC
01-25-2013 China Media Hail Li Na as Resurgent Champion at Australian Open, Bloomberg
01-25-2013 Li Ning tumbles on fundraising plan, Financial Times
01-25-2013 China's Li Ning leads sector fall after $241 mln fundraising plan, Reuters
01-17-2013 Fast food giants brave media fire in China, Reuters TV
01-11-2013 Rein: Apple Doesn't Have the Same Pull in China, Bloomberg Television's Bloomberg West
01-10-2013 Yum apologises for handling of food scare, Financial Times
01-10-2013 Media Markt halts Chinese expansion, Financial Times
01-09-2013 Dun & Bradstreet Fined, Four Sentenced in China, Wall Street Journal
01-09-2013 Apple CEO Cook Returns to China Amid Falling Market Share, Bloomberg
01-08-2013 Yum Says China Same-Store Sales Fell After Supplier Probe, Bloomberg
01-08-2013 Foreign Food Sellers Under More Scrutiny in China, Wall Street Journal
12-26-2012 Newsday: World's longest high-speed rail line opens in China, BBC World News Radio
12-25-2012 Markets in Japan and China surge, MarketPlace by American Public Radio on NPR
12-21-2012 Chinese wannabes rush to learn etiquette, Financial Times
12-18-2012 China and the US set for trade talks, BBC TV
12-17-2012 China’s shoppers get thrifty, Financial Times
12-17-2012 Apple Downgrade at Citigroup Sends Asian Suppliers’ Shares Down, Bloomberg
12-10-2012 PPR Acquires Jeweler Qeelin to Aid China Sales, Bloomberg
12-05-2012 Sony’s Reincarnation May Be Too Little, Too Late, Knowledge Wharton
12-02-2012 KFC Owner Hits Snag in China, Wall Street Journal
11-21-2012 What do Chinese consumers want? Not Barbie, CNN
11-21-2012 China car market may require "Two Fords", Reuters
11-20-2012 Li Ning Looks Local, Wall Street Journal
11-17-2012 Viewpoint: China doesn't need to maintain 8% annual growth, BBC
11-12-2012 Will Chinese consumers lead the world?, CNN
11-08-2012 New leaders face China's wealth divide, CNN
11-07-2012 Obama win may ease China tension, CNN
11-07-2012 World worries as U.S fiscal cliff looms, CNN
10-30-2012 China's Rag Trade Looks Ragged, Wall Street Journal
10-26-2012 Why Is Advertising Way Up in China With Consumer Spending Way Down?, The Atlantic
10-25-2012 Mercedes Needs to Rethink its China Market, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
10-23-2012 China Retailer CRE Adopts Rivals' Western Ways, Wall Street Journal
10-22-2012 China’s coffee industry is starting to stir, Financial Times
10-22-2012 China’s coffee industry is starting to stir, Financial Times
10-17-2012 Global economy: When China sneezes, Financial Times
10-11-2012 Japan Puts a Snag in Uniqlo's Ambitions, Wall Street Journal
10-08-2012 http://www.thetakeaway.org/2012/oct/08/two-giant-telecom-companies-banned-us-market/, WNYC Public Radio The Takeaway
10-08-2012 Slowdown sparks rebirth for Suning, Financial Times
10-03-2012 China's businesses pay taxes thanks to scratch-and-win lottery tickets, Christian Science Monitor
10-03-2012 The luxury that dare not speak its name, Financial Times
09-27-2012 China's Fine Wine Counteroffensive, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
09-24-2012 Prada sees no slowdown but is cautious, Financial Times
09-20-2012 Audi Asked China Dealership to Remove Anti-Japan Banner, Bloomberg
09-17-2012 China protests: Panasonic suspends some operations, BBC
09-17-2012 World Business Report, BBC World News Radio
09-14-2012 Foreigners in China Must Learn the Rules of the Road, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
09-14-2012 Foreigners in China Must Learn the Rules of the Road, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
09-14-2012 Home Depot packs up big box stores in China, Financial Times
09-10-2012 Toning Down the Bling Factor, New York Times
09-05-2012 China's Suning shares jump as it plans network of "super stores", Reuters
08-31-2012 Book Review: End of Cheap China (reviewed by Wei Gu of Reuters), Reuters
08-23-2012 Translating the complications of Chinese paychecks, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
08-23-2012 Li Ning hit by full-year loss warning, Financial Times
08-23-2012 Outside the big box, Financial Times
08-16-2012 Chinese Give Luxury Goods a Pass, Go on Holiday Instead, CNBC
08-16-2012 China’s slowing economy sparks retail price war, Reuters
08-15-2012 Rich Chinese increasingly invest overseas, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
08-09-2012 China car sales defy broader slowdown, Financial Times
08-08-2012 China economy heading for a 'soft landing', BBC TV
08-08-2012 China’s Vancl shifts production overseas, Financial Times
08-05-2012 In China, Some Imports Get a Local Run for the Money, Wall Street Journal
08-01-2012 Baidu-Owned Travel Site Doubles Sales As Chinese Seek Deals, Bloomberg
08-01-2012 India more tolerant of power losses than China would be, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
08-01-2012 No Medals for China’s Sportswear Firms, CNBC
07-27-2012 Will McDonald's Health Focus In China Work?, NPR Morning Edition
07-27-2012 Will McDonald's Health Focus In China Work?, NPR Morning Edition
07-25-2012 Apple's China Growth Slows, Wall Street Journal
07-20-2012 Apple Are Underperforming in China Market, CNBC Worldwide TV
07-18-2012 China Auto Sales to Rise as Buyers Embrace Credit, Bloomberg
07-15-2012 High Street fashion brands look to China for profits, BBC News
07-12-2012 Viewpoints: Is China's economy heading for a crash?, BBC News
07-12-2012 Chow Tai Fook adds to luxury gloom, Financial Times
07-06-2012 China works on importing North Korean workers, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
07-05-2012 Getting Chinese to stop saving and start spending is a hard sell, Washington Post
06-27-2012 Three Myths About Chinese Consumers, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
06-27-2012 Three Myths About Chinese Consumers, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
06-26-2012 China's middle-class boom, CNN
06-24-2012 China conglomerate Fosun to scour for deals with $1bn fund , Financial Times
06-15-2012 Chinese producer recalls milk powder, Financial Times
06-15-2012 What China's Middle Class is Buying, Wall Street Journal TV
06-15-2012 Fortune Magazine Book Review: The End of Cheap China, Fortune
06-14-2012 Wal-Mart Faces New Food-Safety Complaints in China, Wall Street Journal
06-13-2012 Walmart faces new food safety claims in China By Enid Tsui in Hong Kong and Barney Jopson in New York, Financial Times
06-12-2012 Apple vs. Google: Starkly Different China Experiences, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
06-12-2012 Apple vs. Google: Starkly Different China Experiences, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
06-12-2012 Li Ning warns of ‘substantial decline’, Financial Times
06-12-2012 Alibaba Discounts TVs To Woo 193 Million Chinese Online, Bloomberg
06-12-2012 Again? Ferrari Struggles with ‘Spin’ in China, Wall Street Journal
06-10-2012 Reading the mind of a Chinese buyer; Insider account on China business landscape scores with its practical tips and breezy anecdotal style , Straits Times
06-05-2012 China orders foreign embassies not to monitor pollution, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
06-04-2012 Hyundai Bets Longer Elantra Will Help Narrow China Gap, Bloomberg
05-30-2012 The end of cheap talk on China, McGill Alumni Live
05-29-2012 BBC Interview with Shaun Rein on End of Cheap China, BBC World News Radio
05-22-2012 Red Flag and the Silver Screen, Foreign Policy
05-20-2012 McDonald’s lures young Chinese workers, Financial Times
05-15-2012 Financial Times Book Review: End of Cheap China, Financial Times
05-14-2012 Far behind rivals, Ford tries to play catch-up in China, Reuters
05-14-2012 Far behind rivals, Ford tries to play catch-up in China, Reuters
05-12-2012 China Data Disappoints, CNBC Power Lunch with Tyler Mathisen
05-04-2012 Economic Ties with China, Dylan Ratigan Show on MSNBC
05-03-2012 There's More to Oreo Than Black and White, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
05-03-2012 Rein on Facebook, Apple China Strategies, Bloomberg TV
05-02-2012 China's Bright Food swallows Weetabix, Financial Times
04-26-2012 Apple Profit Surge Fueled by China Teachers to Furniture Makers, Bloomberg
04-23-2012 The End of Cheap China: World must adjust to new reality, USA Today
04-17-2012 China's consumers deserve some credit, Fortune
04-16-2012 For U.S. Brands, There's No Middle in China's Middle Class, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
04-05-2012 http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304072004577325611307411568.html?mod=WSJ_hps_editorsPicks_2, Wall Street Journal
03-27-2012 Rein Says Apple Didn't Have `China-First Strategy', Bloomberg TV
03-25-2012 How Hutchison Whampoa's Li Ka-shing made the most of India opportunity, The Economics Times
03-22-2012 China: rising costs push products online, Financial Times
03-22-2012 China: rising costs push products online, Financial Times
03-21-2012 Review: The End of Cheap China, Consulting Magazine
03-21-2012 Review: The End of Cheap China, Consulting Magazine
03-21-2012 Bullish on Commodities With China's Consumption, CNBC Squawk Box
03-21-2012 Neiman Makes Web Push to Lure China Shoppers, Wall Street Journal
03-16-2012 McDonald's, Carrefour Apologize to Chinese Consumers, Wall Street Journal
03-16-2012 McDonald’s and Carrefour in China apology, Financial Times
03-12-2012 China gives its homegrown brands a boost, Reuters
02-29-2012 McDonald's to Tout Quality in China, Wall Street Journal
02-29-2012 Shanghai Hikes Its Minimum Wage, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
02-29-2012 Shanghai netizens to expats: don’t mention the French , Financial Times
02-22-2012 The End of Cheap China, CNBC Squawk Box
02-18-2012 Shaun Rein: Apple is Under-performing in China, Pandodaily
02-17-2012 Three Big Myths About China, Forbes
02-13-2012 Rein: Why Chinese Are Leaving Western Companies, CNBC
02-08-2012 New leader picked for Wal-Mart China, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
02-07-2012 Savvy Chinese consumer comes of age, Financial Times
02-07-2012 Why China's housing market will slow, not collapse, Fortune
02-07-2012 Walmart names ex-Woolworths veteran as new China CEO, Reuters
02-06-2012 Rein: When Chinese Tourists Are Not Welcome, CNBC
02-03-2012 Local firms vie for Yum's slice of the China market, Reuters
01-30-2012 Rein: Why Starbucks Succeeds in China, CNBC
01-25-2012 How Apple is missing out in China, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
01-19-2012 Best Buy China, CNBC
01-19-2012 Political Situation in China ‘Very Delicate’: US Ambassador, CNBC
01-17-2012 Geo Focus: What’s Next for the World’s No. 2 Economy?, Consulting Magazine
01-17-2012 Rein: Why Global Brands Fail in China, CNBC
01-13-2012 Apple store egged in China after iPhone 4S release delay, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
01-13-2012 Apple Beijing Shop Pelted With Eggs as IPhone Debut Botched, Bloomberg
01-06-2012 Nestle Gains With Heinz as Chinese Turn Away From Toxic Local Food: Retail, Bloomberg
01-05-2012 Buffett to sing for Chinese new year, Financial Times
01-04-2012 What Obama Needs to Learn From China About Taxes, Forbes
01-04-2012 What Obama Needs to Learn From China About Taxes, Forbes
12-23-2011 Confectioners bite into China’s soft centre, Financial Times
12-23-2011 Confectioners bite into China’s soft centre, Financial Times
12-20-2011 Shame on CNN for Its Christian Bale Stunt, Forbes
12-20-2011 Rein: Are China’s Wealthy Pulling Back on Spending?, CNBC
12-20-2011 Li Ning Tries On New Strategy in U.S. , Wall Street Journal
12-18-2011 China: The biggest market props up global sales, Financial Times
12-14-2011 No joy this season for China's toymakers, Fortune
12-14-2011 No joy this season for China's toymakers, Fortune
12-13-2011 Goldman Cautious on China Deals Losing Out on Busiest IPO Market, Bloomberg
12-13-2011 The End of Cheap China Is Growing Near, Forbes
12-12-2011 Keeping an Eye on China's Inflation, CNBC TV
12-12-2011 Rein: Is Chanos Finally Getting It Right on China?, CNBC
12-11-2011 Luxury spending soars in China's smaller cities, AFP
12-08-2011 Year of the Dragon May Give China's Economy a Lift, BusinessWeek
12-08-2011 Asia's Tiffany's outshines rivals, Reuters TV
12-07-2011 Nestlé and Danone fail to tempt China, Financial Times
12-07-2011 Nestlé and Danone fail to tempt China, Financial Times
12-02-2011 No massive rush, Economist
12-01-2011 Coca-Cola in China probe after child’s death, Financial Times
11-28-2011 China to Ban Commercials During TV Dramas, Bloomberg
11-28-2011 Rein: Obama Is Provoking China Into a Trade War, CNBC
11-25-2011 China Will Not Bail Out Europe , CNBC Squawk Box
11-22-2011 China Investors Rush Into Baby Care for Year of Dragon: Retail, Bloomberg
11-22-2011 Foreign companies embrace Weibo, the Chinese Twitter, UK Telegraph
11-21-2011 Rein: Global Brands Must Go Local in China Or Lose Out, CNBC
11-15-2011 China’s auto market remains buoyant, Financial Times
11-15-2011 Rein: For Louis Vuitton Being Too Popular in China Is Not Good, CNBC
11-09-2011 Beyond China: Can a New Acquisition Help Haier Crack Japan?, Knowledge Wharton
11-07-2011 China's Tingyi soars after complex Pepsi deal, Reuters
11-07-2011 China Unlikely to Help Europe, CNBC Squawk Box
11-07-2011 Can Indonesia Benefit From Rising Labor Costs in China?, CNBC
11-04-2011 Tingyi Said to Acquire PepsiCo China Units, Bloomberg
11-04-2011 Tingyi in Talks to Buy Pepsi's China Bottling Unit, Wall Street Journal
11-01-2011 In China, the Pen Is Mightier When It's Pricier, Wall Street Journal
10-27-2011 China's New Protectionism, Bloomberg BusinessWeek
10-27-2011 Audi Spurns China Company-Car Role, Bloomberg
10-26-2011 Consumers: How to find favour down at the shops, Financial Times
10-24-2011 High Labor Costs in China, CNBC TV
10-24-2011 Rein: Companies Need a China-First Strategy, CNBC
10-23-2011 Wal-Mart’s Rivals in China May Gain Ground, Bloomberg
10-20-2011 Walmart presents irresistible target for China, Financial Times
10-18-2011 China Becomes 2nd Largest Apple Market: Cook, Bloomberg
10-18-2011 Inflation Will Crimp China’s Growth to 8.5% in 2012: Expert, CNBC
10-18-2011 China Inflation An Issue, CNBC TV
10-18-2011 Wal-Mart China Woes Add Up, Wall Street Journal
10-17-2011 Walmart faces controversy in China, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
10-17-2011 Wal-Mart China CEO quits as retailer grapples with pork scandal, Reuters
10-17-2011 Wal-Mart China Chief, Deputy Resign as Retailer Grapples With Food Probe, Bloomberg
10-11-2011 China Props Up Bank Shares, Wall Street Journal
10-10-2011 Rein: Get Ready for a US-China Trade War, CNBC
10-10-2011 Li Ning raises concerns for Chinese brands, Financial Times
10-10-2011 Authorities Shut Wal-Mart Stores in Southwestern China, Wall Street Journal
10-03-2011 Rein: Chinese Innovation Is Thanks to American Education, CNBC
09-29-2011 Best Buy seeks ways to return brand to China, Financial Times
09-27-2011 Insight: China's e-payment booms, foreigners get the boot, Reuters
09-26-2011 Rein: Chinese Women Keep Shopping Despite the Gloom , CNBC
09-23-2011 Apple opens 5th China store, Reuters TV
09-22-2011 Apple Trailing Target in China Stores May Be Android Opportunity, Bloomberg
09-19-2011 Rein: Why China Should Not Bail Out Europe , CNBC
09-13-2011 Asia drawing more Americans seeking career opportunities, USA Today
09-12-2011 Rein: Why Wealthy Chinese Are Fleeing China, CNBC
09-11-2011 China’s Consumers Upgrade to Nike and Adidas, CNBC
09-08-2011 With high unemployment, young Chinese get creative, NPR MarketPlace
09-05-2011 Rein: What Foreigners Looking for Work in China Need to Know, CNBC
09-04-2011 China's Biggest Jeweler’s IPO Plans Create Buzz, CNBC
08-29-2011 Rein: Accounting Frauds Push Chinese to Buy Property, CNBC
08-24-2011 Marketing to China's Youth: Fitting In and Standing Out, Knowledge Wharton
08-24-2011 Marketing to China's Youth: Fitting In and Standing Out, Knowledge Wharton
08-22-2011 Rein: Beware a Chinese Internet Stock Bubble, CNBC
08-18-2011 Coca-Cola to Invest $4 Billion in China Over Three Years, Bloomberg
08-14-2011 Rein: Why China Can’t Help the World This Time Around, CNBC
08-08-2011 Asian markets will test downgrade's impact, USA Today
08-08-2011 Bright Food Plans Acquisition in Europe or Australia in Months, Bloomberg
08-07-2011 Rein: US Downgrade to Worsen China's Inflation Problem, CNBC
08-05-2011 Vivienne Tam Says Sales in China to Exceed Japan’s in Two Years, Bloomberg
08-01-2011 Rein: Why Western Fast Food Brands are Winning in China, CNBC
07-29-2011 McDonald’s to Open a Restaurant a Day in China in Four Years, Bloomberg
07-25-2011 Rein: Why Nokia Falls in China but Apple Soars, CNBC
07-22-2011 Will the real Apple store please open your door , Reuters TV
07-20-2011 Rein: China Furniture Scandal Has Important Lessons For Foreign Brands, CNBC
07-18-2011 Risk Emerging in China's Commercial Property Sector, CNBC Squawk Box
07-11-2011 ail ftsales.sNestlé agrees $1.7bn deal for Hsu Fu Chi, Financial Times
07-08-2011 Big Retail In China to Grow Still Hotter, Wall Street Journal
07-07-2011 The mystery of the Chinese consumer, The Economist
07-07-2011 Why Nestlé can win over China's consumers, Fortune
07-04-2011 Gap Needs an Image Makeover in China, CNBC
07-04-2011 Nestle Purchase of Hsu Fu Chi Would Be `Smart,', Bloomberg TV
06-30-2011 Fast fashion catches consumer fancy in Asia, Reuters
06-27-2011 Who Says China Inflation is Under Control, CNBC
06-24-2011 Brand Loyalty A Concern for Holding Prada Shares, CNBC TV
06-23-2011 Prada Lacks Strong Brand Loyalty in China: Analyst, CNBC
06-23-2011 Analysis - Christmas gloom for China toymakers as orders shrivel, Reuters
06-15-2011 Nouriel Roubini Is All Wrong About China, Forbes
06-13-2011 America Can’t Escape China’s Inflation, CNBC
06-13-2011 Unilever Plans Fivefold Boost to China Business, Asia Chief Manwani Says, Bloomberg
06-07-2011 The downside of exam-based education in China, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
06-06-2011 How to Tap China’s Super Spending Women, CNBC
06-02-2011 Foreigners in China get new taxes, benefits, MarketPlace for National Public Radio
05-31-2011 Blair, CIC’s Lou to Debate China Global Role, Bloomberg
05-30-2011 China’s Cooling Measures Pushing Consumers to Go High-End, CNBC
05-30-2011 Will a One-Off Yuan Appreciation Solve China's Inflation Battle, CNBC Squawk Box
05-29-2011 Beijing softens stance on price increases, Financial Times
05-26-2011 China housing prices may be misunderstood, Dow Jones MarketWatch
05-23-2011 Why China Needs to Keep Building, CNBC
05-16-2011 Caution Needed When Investing in Chinese Firms, CNBC
05-10-2011 Leaked China data show consumer inflation at 5.1%, Dow Jones MarketWatch
05-10-2011 The Chinese can be tough customers for American retailers, Washington Post
05-09-2011 Chinese Consumer Behavior, CNBC TV
05-09-2011 Anti-China Rhetoric Can Cost America $2 Trillion, CNBC
05-02-2011 No Need to Fear a Property Bubble in China, CNBC
04-26-2011 Learning to Live with Corruption, Forbes
04-26-2011 The China-Taiwan Connection, CNBC TV
04-20-2011 Riding China’s Growth to Deals Elsewhere , New York Times
04-18-2011 Why Nouriel Roubini Is Wrong on China's Economy, CNBC
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01-04-2008 China's Great Leap Elevates the Risk, US News & World Report
12-18-2007 Interview: Keys to Successful Branding in China, WS Radio
12-07-2007 Lunch with Jason Jiang, CEO of Focus Media, MarketWatch/ SA
12-07-2007 Chinese Consumers Like Safety, Too, BusinessWeek
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11-27-2007 Biting into China's Food Safety, Marketplace for National Public Radio
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11-23-2007 China Business Q & A with Shaun Rein, China Success Stories
11-21-2007 4 Great Chinese Stocks, MarketWatch/ SA
11-18-2007 Ctrip, Baidu: Growth in China's 2nd Tier Cities, MarketWatch/ SA
11-15-2007 U.S. companies carry a torch for Olympics, USA Today
11-15-2007 PPG aims to dress differently, Shanghai Daily
11-13-2007 Summit assesses Sino-US relations, China Daily
11-04-2007 Profit From China's Advertising Boom: 2008 Olympics and Beyond, MarketWatch/ SA
10-31-2007 Chinese demand more plastic, Danwei FM
10-23-2007 Now that Competition in China's Auto Market Has Revved Up, What Strategy Should the Drivers Follow?, Knowledge Wharton China
10-23-2007 When strategy consultants collide; "the good stuff" vs "its good enuff", Danwei FM
10-18-2007 Can the Beijing Olympics achieve marketing gold?, iMedia Connection
10-10-2007 Global consumers are edgy about the Made in China brand, Euromonitor
10-03-2007 Chinese Seek Quality From Multinationals, Forbes
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10-01-2007 How Online-Payment Service Alipay Will 'Revolutionize' Retail, AdvertisingAge
09-27-2007 Chinese Couch Potatoes Love Gary Wang's Video Site, AdAgeChina
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09-21-2007 In China, Shoppers are Becoming Savvier, Chicago Tribune
09-19-2007 Buying Products like Books Overseas Just Became Easier, AdAgeChina
09-19-2007 The Secret to Choosing Chinese Stocks, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-18-2007 Shaun Rein: Chinese Stocks: What's Hot, What's Not, WS Radio
09-13-2007 Shaun Rein's Research Turns Up Golden, Finance Asia
09-10-2007 Why Companies Entering China Must Carefully Consider Their Partners , Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-01-2007 Home-Grown Giants, Digital Media
09-01-2007 Olympic Viewing, Digital Media
08-31-2007 E-commerce gets a shot in the arm, ZDNet Asia
08-29-2007 Alipay Opens Chinese Consumers to Global Retail, ZDNet Asia
08-28-2007 Analysts divided on Acer-Gateway merger in Asia, ZDNet Asia
08-20-2007 Chinese Stocks Sprinting Ahead But May Tire After '08 Olympics, Investor's Business Daily
08-16-2007 Foreign Companies Go Outside China's Largest Cities , Pacific Time for National Public Radio
08-10-2007 A Look At China's Retail Environment, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
08-06-2007 How China fell in love with Louis Vuitton, MoneyWeek
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04-12-2007 Setting the Record Straight: Baidu is No Google, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
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04-01-2007 Put Your Brand in the Search Race, Digital Media
03-28-2007 Online Campaigns: The New Way Marketers Can Reach Out to Chinese Consumers, Knowledge Wharton China
03-20-2007 Anticipating the Success of Netease’s Tian Xia 2, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
03-19-2007 Ambush marketers dog Olympic sponsors in China, Reuters
03-19-2007 Tier Tale: How Marketers Classify Cities in China, Advertising Age
03-19-2007 Investing in China's Booming Automobile Sector: Japanese Cars a No Go, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
03-10-2007 Analyse This - with Top Team, South China Morning Post
03-09-2007 China Moves Towards E-Commerce, China Economic Review
03-09-2007 Virtual currency proves real issue, Shanghai Daily
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03-07-2007 Investing in China's Tourism Industry, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
03-05-2007 Fashionably Sensitive, China Daily
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02-27-2007 Intervista a Shaun Rein, fondatore e Ceo del China Market Research Group, il Valore
02-15-2007 Baidu Thinks It Can Play in Japan, BusinessWeek
02-14-2007 Ebay's Deal with Tom Online Offers Some Timely Lessons for Managers of Global Online Companies, Knowledge Wharton China
02-13-2007 Making Money from Virtual Economies, MSN MoneyWeek
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02-05-2007 Has Google Failed in China?, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
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01-25-2007 Investing In China's Wedding Fever, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
01-19-2007 China's Fast-Rising Middle Class Increasingly Buying On Credit, Investor's Business Daily
01-17-2007 China Mobile and Apple - Building Relationships With Chinese Companies, WS Radio
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01-10-2007 Best Buy and Toys 'R Us Enter China - What to Expect?, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
01-05-2007 Spotlight: Jack Ma, Co-Founder of Alibaba.com, International Herald Tribune
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01-02-2007 Mergers and Acquisitions, Research Business Report
01-01-2007 Consumer Tidal Wave on the Way: China's Middle Class, Christian Science Monitor
12-26-2006 Online Recruiting Sites: a Booming Market for China's HR Conundrum, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
12-24-2006 TOM Online Must Focus on Products: Connections Don't Ensure Success, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
12-22-2006 'First Big Internet Movie" Reaps Massive Rewards on Mainland, Digital Media
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11-23-2006 China Mobile entdeckt Bauern als Kunden, Suddeutsche Zeitung
11-20-2006 Beyond Beijing: Selling Across China, BusinessWeek
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11-09-2006 Procter & Gamble's China Problem: The Return of SK II, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
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11-06-2006 Smart Investors Looking at Taiwanese Stocks, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
11-02-2006 Senior Adviser Hire for Newly Launched CMR, Research Magazine
10-26-2006 EBay Faces a Tough Road in China, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
10-17-2006 Wal-Mart Shops for China's Trust, BusinessWeek
10-11-2006 Chinese use phones for games, photos and fun, AdAgeChina
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10-01-2006 Form and Function, China International Business
09-26-2006 Ctrip: Rapid Growth Along With China Travel, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-21-2006 China IPO- New Oriental: Training China's Eager Middle Class, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-17-2006 Targeting Chinas Consumers: Focus Media and the Advertising Game, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-15-2006 The Web's Democratizing Effect: Chinese Bloggers Stick it to Dell, Colgate, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-12-2006 China's Booming Online Sales, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
09-01-2006 Kodak's China Moment, Insight Magazine
09-01-2006 The High Cost of Cheap Chinese Labor, Harvard Business Review
08-18-2006 Un trend che rimane rialzista -- Shaun Rein Interviewed on China's Steel Sector, il Valore
08-14-2006 Growth in China's Luxury Goods Market to be Fueled by 2nd Tier Cities, Seeking Alpha
08-11-2006 Il secondo mercato del mondo -- Shaun Rein interviewed on China's auto sector, il Valore
08-03-2006 Mad as Hell in China's Blogosphere, BusinessWeek
07-27-2006 Blogging Down in China, BusinessWeek
07-12-2006 Can Motorola attract the youth market through music?, AdAgeChina
07-05-2006 Setting Up Shop in China and Other Emerging Markets - An Interview with Shaun Rein (p. 1/2) , Young Venture Capital Society (YVCS)
07-05-2006 China's Torrid Domestic Exchanges, BusinessWeek
06-30-2006 Storm in a teacup: PCCW's bid to sell Hong Kong's phone lines showcases a city, and a country, in the throes of change, Market Watch
06-28-2006 Internet TV Coming to China?, AdAgeChina
06-10-2006 Un'oasi per qualsiasi viaggiatore liberista -- Shaun Rein interviewed on China's domestic stock market, il Valore
05-02-2006 China Market Research Group founder not looking for investors or acquisitions, but says company could be acquired in five years, Merger Market Magazine, Merger Market Magazine
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04-10-2006 How to Play China? Consider US Companies Executing There, Seeking Alpha
02-10-2006 One-on-One Interview Shaun Rein on Virtual Currency, Dragon TV's BizWatch
01-03-2006 Investing In China's Online Gaming Sector, Yahoo Finance/ Seeking Alpha
12-14-2004 Investors in Search of Online Heroes, South China Morning Post, Hong Kong
10-01-2004 The "Three Avoids" for Venture Capitalists, AmChat


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09-25-2007Shaun Rein to moderate ad: tech's Keynote Panel on Olympic Fever in China
09-12-2007Shaun Rein Teaches LBS Executive Education Seminar
07-25-2007Shaun Rein Joins ad: tech China's Board of Advisors
06-01-2007Shaun Rein to Speak at Asia Society New York
05-24-2007Shaun Rein to Speak at The Conference Board
05-24-2007Winning the HR Battle in China
03-14-2007Shaun Rein to Speak at JP Morgan's China Conference 2007
01-19-2007Shaun Rein to Speak at Real Estate Investment China Conference
12-15-2006Shaun Rein to Chair Marcus Evans' Luxury Products Conference
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04-25-2006Shaun Rein Welcomes Ambassador Nicholas Platt to Asia Society Gathering
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03-06-2006CMR Launches Harvard Internship Program
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