Founded in 2005 in Shanghai by Shaun Rein, CMR partners with organizations across the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, helping clients gain the qualitative insights necessary to best achieve growth goals 


CMR combines unparalleled local knowledge of China with global expertise: our team is comprised of the finest business minds, who come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences 

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Our clients come from a variety of industries. We work with Fortune 500 firms, private equity firms, SMEs, and hedge funds. Our analysts on the ground have expertise in the following industries:  

l Hedge Funds

l Luxury Products

l Media, Enterntainment, & Tourism

l Non-Profit & For-Profit Education

l Private Equity

l Retail 

l Technology

l Apparel

l Chemicals

l Consumer Electronics

l Consumer Packaged Goods

l Cosmetics & Beauty Care

l Financial Services

l Food & Beverage

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l Branding 

l Consumer Insights

l Data Analytics

l Digital Strategy & E-Commerce

l Fundraising & Deal Negotiation

l Market Entry & Launch

We have functional expertise in:  

l Marketing & Sales

l M&A and Commercial Due Diligence

l Partner Selection

l Product Innovation

l Retail Strategy

l Strategy

CMR launched its Global Capital Market Division in 2020, focusing on helping and representing Chinese companies to better achieve global development and growth. CMR founder, Shaun Rein, and CMR senior executives can serve as company global representatives to:

l Help Chinese private equity firms and hedge funds connect with overseas limited partners

l Help Chinese companies find overseas institutional investors

l Help companies develop and execute global market strategies, and improve media coverage and brand image

l Help companies manage M&A projects in the US, Europe, and Africa

Meet Shaun Rein

Shaun Rein

Founder & MD of CMR



As Chinese consumers get wealthier, they are increasingly spending more on apparel. Chinese consumers from all regions and socio-economic backgrounds are demanding access to greater selection in both products and brands, better value, and choice of domestic and international brands. Leading apparel brands are creating emotional connections with consumers and developing brand loyalty.


While profitable for many brands, many companies lose out for failing to understand the complexities of the China market and needs of consumers, with significant variation by region and tier of city in consumers' tastes and education, price acceptance, and priority sales channels. CMR's apparel practice help domestic Chinese and international brands navigate China's apparel industry, from better understanding and catering to evolving consumer wants and needs, to smarter sales channel management and marketing communications strategies.




In mature markets, many chemical companies pursue similar, predictable paths to improve their performance, with improvements incremental. In china, however, chemical companies must be prepared to utilize a wide range of mechanisms and strategies - from M&A to increased investment in R&D - to face the challenges of the rapidly developing China market, where the competitive landscape is constantly shifting due to the emergence of domestic producers, newly emerging supply chains, and the shifting needs of target accounts and end consumers.


Our chemical practice helps clients build corporate and business unit strategies to stay ahead in this evolving market. We help companies identify opportunities for growth, evaluate changing needs and purchasing motivations of key and target accounts, improve operations, procurement, and supply chain management to build profitable market positioning and marketing communications strategy for long-term success.

Consumer Electronics


China has traditionally been thought of as a producer and exporter of low-end electronics products. However, with rising GDP, the growth of China's 250 million strong middle class and a surge in retail spending, China is emerging as an important consumer market critical to the continued success of global brands. As keen purchasers of cameras, mobile phones, TVs, and other high-end electronics, Chinese consumers are driving growth of even the largest firms.


Our consumer electronics practice focuses on helping companies better understand and reach their target consumers. We provide insight into consumer preferences and shopping patterns, and help clients build the right brand image and marketing communications strategy with which target them. CMR also helps clients improve operations through better cost and supply chain management, identify the most profitable sales channels for their products, and develop strategies for robust, long-term growth.

Consumer Packaged Goods


Our consumer packaged goods practice focuses on helping clients target Chinese consumers, identify new growth opportunities, and build long-term brand presence. Chinese at all socio-economic levels are consuming more and better food, soap, shampoo, cosmetics and other consumer products as they seek to live more leisurely lifestyles.


While consumer packaged goods are seeing rapid growth in China, companies need to focus on key points including product launches, advertising, regional growth strategies, and marketing communication to ensure that companies are reaching the right consumers and are developing a positive and sustainable perception of their brand.


Chinese consumers are vocal in their opinions of new brands so in addition to streamlining a strong national supply chain companies need to devote energy to brand image and managing retail points of sales.

Cosmetics and Beauty Care


As Chinese increase disposable income and gain more access to information on international fashion trends they are devoting more money to cosmetics and beauty care products. However, developing brand awareness and building brand loyalty can be challenging in a rapidly expanding market.


We help clients to position their brands, understand target consumers motivations and wants, identify growth opportunities, choose products, and determine effective regional rollout schedules.

Financial Services


As China's capital markets mature, Chinese banks are internationalizing their practices and more and more foreign institutions are trying to decide what services and products to offer in China. Chinese consumers have become more sophisticated and demand more in both the number and quality of services and products offered by financial institutions.


Our financial services practice focuses on helping clients understand core target markets in China from multiple perspectives including what services and products Chinese consumers demand, what loyalty programs work, how to target core target accounts, how to implement effective marketing campaigns, and develop regional growth strategies.